Can hearing aids be reimbursed?Is the hearing aid in the scope of medical insurance?


ask:Hearing aidIs it only for hospitals to buy? If you buy at the hospital, you can use it.. A: You can consult the hearing aid at the nearest professional hearing aid center. Hearing aids are special medical devices that are not covered by health insurance!

Q: Is the hearing aid worn by the elderly, can the medical insurance report?? A: At present, domestic hearing aids are not covered by medical insurance. Baidu can go to Suzhou Luhui to choose cost-effective hearing aids. It seems that there have been audition activities recently.

Q: Do children with hearing aids reimbursement for urban medical insurance? A: Hearing aids are medical devices. You can’t take medical insurance. If you meet certain conditions, you can go to the disability certificate. You can go to the local street to find out whether the disability certificate can reimburse some hearing aids.

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