In daily work, we often hear the old people put forward such a saying: “Alas, at such an old age, it’s OK to install a hearing aid.”

So should hearing aids be equipped with one or two? The answer is that binaural hearing loss must be equipped with binaural selection.

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I. hearing aids on both ears have the ability to locate the sound source

The reason why we have two ears must be the inevitability of its existence. The ears are long on both sides of the head and have the function of identifying the direction. If there is hearing loss in both ears at the same time, we can only put hearing aids on one ear to listen to the sound, which will lead to the inaccurate direction of identifying the sound. For example, the elderly walk on the road with a hearing aid, and then When there is a car noise, the old man will certainly look back at the car’s position from the side wearing the hearing aid to avoid in time, but at this time, the car may be on the other side of the old man. Therefore, only the binaural hearing aids can accurately locate the sound position.

2. Wearing hearing aids on both ears can avoid delayed hearing deprivation

If hearing aids are worn on one side for a long time, the other side of the ear can’t hear or hear clearly for a long time, which reduces the stimulation of the sound on the auditory nerve, will lead to the gradual decline of the hearing function, resulting in the phenomenon of hearing deprivation. After hearing deprivation, selecting hearing aids will be far less effective than selecting hearing aids before, even higher-end and more powerful hearing aids than before. Therefore, double When hearing loss occurs at the same time, the hearing aid must be selected at the same time.

III. binaural selective hearing aids can suppress tinnitus

Some patients with hearing loss will be accompanied by tinnitus at the same time, < a href = " HTML" target = "blank" > tinnitus < / a > phenomenon does not necessarily occur in patients with hearing loss. There are many people with tinnitus in the general population, including myself. My experience is that when people are quiet in the night or entering the audiometry room, they will feel the tinnitus especially loud, like cicadas In the normal working state during the day, you can’t feel your tinnitus. In fact, it’s masked by the sound in the surrounding environment. After hearing loss occurs to the patients with hearing loss, it’s equivalent to the state that the patients with tinnitus are in a quiet environment. After wearing the hearing aid, the feeling of tinnitus will be significantly reduced, or even the tinnitus will disappear.

IV. wearing hearing aids on both ears can eliminate head shadow effect

Once someone talks on one side of the hearing impaired person without hearing aid, the hearing impaired person will feel unable to hear clearly or even hear. This is because when the sound reaches the opposite ear, it will encounter the block of the head, and the high frequency component in the speech is difficult to bypass the head due to the short wavelength, so the intensity will decline when it reaches the other ear.

V. the loudness of hearing with hearing aids on both ears is 6-10 decibels higher than that of hearing aids on one ear

In noisy environment, wearing hearing aids on both ears can suppress noise better and improve signal-to-noise ratio, that is to say, wearing hearing aids on both ears can obviously feel much clearer in noisy environment than wearing hearing aids on one ear.

Vi. stereo sound quality with hearing aids on both ears

Just like when we listen to music with earphones, there is stereo sound, which is very pleasant to listen to. When we remove a earphone, we will feel the sound is relatively thin, so is wearing a hearing aid.

To sum up, hearing loss in both ears at the same time is just like two eyes cannot wear only one lens and two feet cannot wear only one shoe. It is necessary to wear hearing aids in both ears to protect your residual hearing and improve the quality of life.

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