Recently, the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection has recently occurred in Wuhan and other places in Hubei. Some people rushed to the forefront of pneumonia prevention, and best interpreted “for the heart of the heavens and earth, for the people, and for the holy Following the aspirations and traditions of the past, “the aspirations and traditions of the world” show the glorious mission that Communists should shoulder in the new era. As a party member and cadre, the only way to achieve this goal is to resolutely win the fight against this epidemic without gunpowder.


With your superb medical skills and benevolence, you have always helped the people to cross the rapids — She Xiaojia takes care of everyone, pays tribute to the “most beautiful retrograde”! At 01:00 on January 25, China Eastern Airlines flight MU5000 successfully took off from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, and arrived safely at Wuhan Tianhe Airport at 01:26. This is a special flight. On board is a Shanghai medical team composed of 136 medical staff from 52 hospitals in Shanghai and 4 accompanying reporters. On the night of the thirtieth year of the Chinese New Year, they bid farewell to their loved ones, gathered urgently, aided Wuhan by air, and fully supported Wuhan in carrying out medical treatment. They set up a small home for everyone, no matter how difficult the road ahead, obey the call of the party and the people at any time, and put themselves into the intense epidemic battle, with all their hearts and benevolence, help the vicissitudes, and share the difficulties with the people of Wuhan. They are the cutest people! Tribute to all members of the expedition! As party members and cadres in the new era, they should set an example for them, learn from their spirit of giving up their homes and taking care of everyone, and be able to withstand pressure, withstand risks, and overcome challenges at critical times. Think of what the masses think, what the masses are anxious for, and establish the image of public servants of party members and cadres.


You take the love and loyalty of the world, and always regard people’s well-being as your life’s pursuit-fulfill your mission in the beginning, live up to Shaohua, and pay tribute to the “most beautiful retrograde”! Gou Li’s life and death, how to avoid it because of misfortune. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanhua University issued a call to the hospital’s medical workers to form a new type of coronavirus pneumonia medical emergency volunteer service team, ready to go to Wuhan to participate in rescue at any time. In less than an hour, more than 200 medical staff took the initiative to ask for help. Eventually, 17 medical staff were selected to form a volunteer service team, and a temporary party branch was established. This group of white fighters who are willing to become “retrograde” will certainly be able to live up to their missions and contribute their youth to winning the war against new coronavirus pneumonia. As party members and cadres in the new era, they should use them as examples, aim at the “bullseye” of the original heart, strengthen the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidences”, achieve the “two maintenances”, be brave and take the initiative, Maintain the spirit of struggle, dare to face risks and challenges, and overcome all difficulties and obstacles along the way with perseverance and selfless courage.


You have a gentle beginning and persistence, always walking on a healthy journey-deep forward, bravely forward, pay tribute to the “most beautiful retrograde”! All the medical staff of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University did not forget their original intentions, united as one, shouldered the mission of protecting the health of the people in Conghua and even in northern Guangzhou. They mobilized extensively, conducted in-depth training, and made thorough deployments to make every effort to do a good job of new coronavirus infection Prevention and control of pneumonia. The party committee secretary and dean are on standby during the holiday. The leaders are in charge of upholding the frontline command. All medical staff take the initiative to cancel vacations and act in accordance with work requirements without complaints. Pre-screening and triage is the front line to identify and divert infectious disease patients or patients with suspected infectious diseases. With a call, 12 party member nurses and activists who joined the party quickly strengthened pre-screening and triage and disinfection and isolation training, and went all out to this epidemic prevention. Controlled hard battle. As party members and cadres in the new era, they must set an example, lead by example, stay ahead of their posts, and resolutely obey job assignments. Even if the epidemic is raging, let us declare the battle with disease determination with vigor and determination! Fight the epidemic, protect the people, dedicate yourself, and love is boundless, and you will definitely win the final victory!


I pay tribute to “the most beautiful retrogrades”, you will always be the most respectable people, and will always be our role models! It is you who want to use your life to defend the safety of the epidemic and are the most beautiful retrograders in the world. Regardless of the sea of ​​fire or the disaster area, wherever there is danger, there will be your presence. In the escape stream, your back is always the most reckless retrograde! At the critical moment, the “most beautiful retrograde” stepped forward and stepped forward, regardless of his safety, risking his life, rushing forward, rushing to the disaster area, fighting with his life and illness, and winning a minute and a second.


An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Faced with the grim situation of the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic accelerating, your new year’s eve expedition, starry night support, wind and rain … perfect retrograde. Hospitals, stations, airports, shopping malls, pharmacies, community gates, quarantine checkpoints, “Vulcan Mountain” and “Thunder Mountain” construction sites … Your most beautiful figure flows everywhere. You do n’t forget your original intention, remember your mission, and remember that the interests of the people are above all else. You must wear a white robe and cover your face with a veiled face. Your steadfast eyes transmit a firm belief, so that everyone in China can see hope and strengthen their fighting spirit against fate. . Passing by with you again and again, confirming the eyes again and again, the most beautiful person this spring is you!


Be loyal and loyal, even more fearless


Regardless of pay, regardless of life or death! “There is no angel in white, but a group of children have changed their clothes, learned from their predecessors, healed and saved people, and robbed people of death.” Fighting with viruses, you are always fighting at the forefront. Rub your shoulders with Death, and your eyes only turn to the “battlefield.” Every time “the order of the general attack” sounds, your back is fearless! Although there are many difficulties, you always believe in the faith, no matter how difficult, you must also carry the sacred mission of “white angel”, take the initiative to fight, press the fingerprints, say goodbye to your family, stand by 24 hours, and make every effort to diagnose and treat each patient. At this time, the “crown-like wind” swept across the land of Jiangcheng with an “appetizing breath”, and along the track of time told a story of youth born to death. Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect? I hope to win this war as soon as possible, so that you can go home for a meal of peace of mind and sleep a peaceful “natural wake up”!


Fighting with the same boat requires more care and consideration


A big love trip will meet someone who has big love! “We are in the New Year, but you are helping us through the customs.” This Spring Festival, you race against the clock on the front line of treating patients, wind meals and sleeping at the construction site of Vulcan Mountain Hospital, take the initiative Please work overtime to make medical masks, respond actively to stay at home … In this unprecedented hard war, everyone in Wuhan and everyone in Wuhan contribute their best efforts. “The war epidemic is not ruthless. Regional attention cannot be turned into regional discrimination. In fact, Wuhan people and Hubei people are victims in the face of the epidemic, and even their sacrifices are greater. Do n’t discriminate and ridicule them. Physical isolation cannot become psychological isolation People who are at risk of contact try not to resist, in fact, they are more panic and anxious than us. “Whether you are in Wuhan or care about Wuhan, you and I are lovers, as long as we have less suspicion and dislike, more For those who care and considerate, those who love in the end will have greater blessings.


To annihilate the epidemic


The internal force and genes of the Chinese nation have always been very powerful! The Prime Minister and the people shouted “Three Wuhans! Come on!” Inspiring! The epidemic has already appeared, and the number may rise, but your ability and confidence to unite to fight the epidemic are also improving. As a party member and cadre struggling on the front line of the epidemic, you need to unite and lead the broad masses of the people. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, you must mobilize all parties’ forces for joint defense and joint control, gather effective resources for emergency support, and work together to achieve your goals. , Launched a national general mobilization of epidemic prevention and control blocking battle. We need you to fully implement the requirements of firm confidence, mutual help, scientific prevention, and precise policy. You will be unyielding, not afraid of suffering or tired, interpret your mission with action, and let the party flag fly high on the front line of the fight against epidemic.


Wuhan, come on! Go China! The people of the whole country are behind you! We need confidence, we are very confident! The Prime Minister’s “package ticket” is even more exciting! As long as we are loyal to our duty, fight against each other, and build a consensus, we will certainly wipe out the epidemic!


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