Why do you always need to wear a hearing aid when you are deaf?

In fact, hearing aids are just like glasses. Wearing glasses after myopia can not help us restore our vision, but it can make us see clearly what we cannot see. Hearing aids are the same. Although hearing aids can not help us restore our hearing, they can compensate our hearing, and can Let’s hear voices we couldn’t hear before.

When you are deaf, without hearing aids, you will find that you can’t hear a lot of words, or even hear them. It’s very hard for daily communication. Maybe it’s not too much to let others repeat what they say occasionally, but it’s not too much to let others repeat it for many times. No matter you are not good at yourself, others will also feel trouble.

For patients with mild hearing loss, it’s basically no problem for others to speak a little louder. If your hearing loss is moderate or above, it has begun to affect your daily communication or work life, so you must wear hearing aids.

But many people are worried about whether wearing hearing aids for a long time will lead to worse hearing?

Of course, it’s impossible. Your eyesight will not be further reduced after wearing glasses. Wearing hearing aids is the same. Hearing aids not only won’t reduce our hearing, but also can protect our hearing. Besides helping us hear sound, hearing aids can also protect the residual hearing.

Many patients feel more confused after wearing hearing aids. In fact, this shows that hearing aids play a proper role. If you don’t believe it, you can go back to the matching center to have a hearing check after wearing hearing aids for a period of time, and you will find that there is no change in your hearing.

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