I don’t know if you have such a feeling: after pulling out the ear, you soon feel that there are foreign matters in it. Although you “clean” the ear canal every now and then, you still feel like you are itching. What’s the matter?

Often pulling out the ear is a kind of stimulation to the skin in the ear canal, which is easy to cause hair follicle infection, or form ear boils, ear canal inflammation and other external ear diseases. Especially in summer, due to sweating and ear dampness, the chance of infection is greater. Therefore, it is not necessary to pull out your ears frequently. If you have formed a habit, it will itch hard if you don’t pull out. It’s better to control it or use less boric acid alcohol. After a period of time, you will no longer have the awareness of pulling out your ears, and you won’t feel itchy in your ears.

However, for those with strong gland secretion and “oil ear”, earwax is generated rapidly, which is difficult to discharge by itself, resulting in ear itching and blockage. At this time, it is necessary for ordinary people to clean the ear canal, and sometimes it is necessary for professional doctors to use special equipment to complete. When handling by yourself, the correct way is: soak the cotton swab in warm water and squeeze it dry slightly, put it into the outer ear canal and rotate it in a direction slightly, soak and then take out the “earwax”. You can also use this method to loosen the “earwax” first, and then take out the special ear scoop gently. Hard earwax needs to be taken out by a doctor.

Itchy ears stop itching without touching your mouth

Improper ear digging behavior is easy to cause infection, which may cause hidden danger to the health of the ear canal and even affect hearing. Sometimes the ears itch, do not have to do, move the mouth can stop itching.

Most of the time, ear itching is caused by the accumulation of cerumen in the ear canal. Cerumen, commonly known as earwax or earwax, is an oily substance secreted by cerumen glands of the outer ear canal skin, which has the function of protecting the outer ear canal skin and eardrum. Under normal circumstances, cerumen can be discharged in the form of thin slices by means of chewing, mouth opening and other jaw movements.

However, experts suggest that ear itching and ear tightness may also be caused by other diseases in the otology department, such as “moving the mouth” still can not be relieved, so we should go to the otolaryngology department of the regular hospital in time to find out the cause. If the cerumen is blocked, you should go to the otolaryngology department and get it out by a specialist, instead of digging your ears blindly.

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