What is the hearing feedback of the hearing aid?

In the hearing aid system, when the microphone is used for pickup, since the pickup area of ​​the microphone is not completely isolated from the sound reproduction area of ​​the receiver, the amplified sound is returned to the microphone, so that the microphone picks up the external sound signal and picks up the sound. After the amplified sound, the gain of the amplifying circuit is too high and causes resonance at a certain frequency to form a hearing feedback of the hearing aid. Even if the signal of the feedback is weak, it is difficult to hear, and the sound is distorted.

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The main reason for the feedback in the hearing aid system is that the sound signals of certain frequencies in the system are too strong. When the gain of the microphone is increased, these excessive frequencies first reach the intensity conditions required for the acoustic feedback, and the acoustic feedback is generated. .

Feedback whistling may occur during the wearing of a hearing aid or the debugging of a hearing aid. It is generally divided into external howling and internal howling. If it is an external howling, this sound is caused by the amplified sound returning to the hearing aid, which may be caused by improper wearing of the ear mold or poor sealing of the ear mold. The ear mold can be pressed tightly, and if the howling sound stops, but appears after releasing the hand, it indicates that there is a problem with the ear mold that needs to be repaired or replaced. If there is still a howling by blocking the sound hole and the vent hole by hand, it is an internal howling, which is mostly an internal component problem (such as the receiver sound tube falling off, etc.), and requires professional repair.

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