Hearing aid is a device that can help hearing loss patients to listen to the sound again, but there are many people who don’t know where to buy hearing aids. Let’s talk about the hidden dangers of buying hearing aids in irregular places.

There is a hidden danger that you may buy fake goods.

You go to an informal organization to buy hearing aids. You don’t know where they are from. Fake and second-hand goods may be packaged by them and sold to you as high-end hearing aids. Then you think how good they are to you and buy them foolishly.

Second, all kinds of inspections are not in place.

We all know that hearing aids need to undergo a series of examinations before fitting, such as true ear analysis, hearing examination, etc. first, regardless of whether they are equipped with the qualification certificate of the fitting examiner or not, their technical ability is not clear. In addition, the instruments that they can check are all second-hand collected from a certain place, and the results can be accurate Do you?

Third, there is no after-sales service or very short-term service.

The after-sales service of hearing aids takes years as the unit of calculation. There are quality problems in these irregular places. Then he gives you a three-year warranty period. As a result, your hearing aid is useless in two years. Do you think he is in a loss? So in many irregular places, he has no after-sales warranty at all, or the time is very short, only one or two weeks. It takes a long time to repair and maintain the hearing aid, especially when you wear it at the beginning. The maintenance period is so short, there must be a problem.

Potential danger 4. Damage to hearing.

As I said before, the hearing aids purchased in these places all have certain quality problems. After wearing, we don’t say whether we can hear clearly first. After wearing, it is likely to continue to damage our hearing and lead to further hearing loss.

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