“We’ve cancelled all our plans, including our Valentine’s Day trip to Harbin, in light of the virus so we’re stuck at home,” said Kirk McCullough, a foreign Beijing resident.


“But we’ve started watching documentaries together, cooking together, cleaning the house, and even playing games together. We definitely feel closer during this ordeal.”


When asked if they had plans for Valentine’s Day, his partner, Elise Mak, said: “Our story isn’t that special, since we just stay home and don’t have any grand plans. But I quite enjoy the quiet cosy time together.”


Valentine’s Day is upon us, but the novel coronavirus epidemic has cast a pall on this celebration usually marked with chocolate, flowers and a romantic night out. At the same time, it has also made expressions of love more profound and sincere.



In the face of the epidemic, we have to face up to difficulties.

Everyone really knows that we really do what we should do at this moment and what we can do together.

This is our strength!

Maybe we need to stay away from each other for the health of each other.

But I believe that we will embrace each other with enthusiasm until the grassy warbler flies and the spring blooms.

Angels in white on the front lines, you are real heroes! !! Protect yourself and believe that everything will be okay.

God bless China! Come on in Wuhan! Pay tribute to every ordinary us who contributed in the epidemic!

Winter always passes, spring comes, and good news is on the way!