Many old people have the symptoms of deafness and hearing loss. With the popularization of hearing aids, people have paid attention to hearing health. More and more people know that hearing aids need to be equipped after deafness.

But some old people not only have deafness but also suffer from otitis media. If the old people have otitis media, can they be equipped with hearing aids?

Actually, there are two kinds of scores. One is during the onset of otitis media, and the other is when there was otitis media.

First, if your otitis media is still in the onset period, we do not recommend you to wear hearing aids. If you wear hearing aids during the onset period, the secretion caused by otitis media is more, which is likely to block the hearing aids, and then cause damage to the hearing aids. The damage of those pus to the hearing aids is quite large, so during the onset of otitis media, we should First, treat otitis media, and then wear hearing aids after the inflammation subsides.     

The second one is that the old man once had otitis media, but later he got better. Can he still have a hearing aid now?

This kind of hearing aid can be directly provided, but there is a premise that for patients with otitis media, we do not recommend the inner ear machine. Because the inner ear hearing aid will block the ear canal and cause no ventilation in the ear, it is likely to cause the recurrence of otitis media. Therefore, we recommend the back ear machine for patients with otitis media instead of the inner ear machine, which is more suitable for hearing loss Light patients can use the open ear back machine.

In addition, if the tympanitis causes the perforation of eardrum, the patients should pay more attention to the cleaning of the ear canal, prevent the dirt from entering the ear canal and causing infection, keep the ear canal dry, and pay attention to the cleaning of the hearing aids.

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