Most of these problems are hearing aid users with hearing loss between 40-55 decibels, and most of the elderly deafness patients or the patients with sudden drop hearing loss.

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For mild to moderate hearing loss

Because the hearing loss is not big, it can really get effective listening in the quiet state. Because the general speech sound can reach about 60-70db in the quiet state, which is greater than the degree of hearing loss, it can get enough speech intelligibility without hearing aid, but it is difficult to hear when there are many people and noisy environment. Generally speaking, the help of hearing aids is not obvious. After all, in general living environment, people’s communication voice can be above the listening range.

Therefore, hearing aids are more helpful for users with relatively heavy hearing loss and higher requirements for listening, and less helpful for users with light hearing loss.

For the elderly deaf

First of all, we should understand the two different concepts of hearing and understanding. Hearing can be achieved as long as the power of the hearing aid is properly amplified, but understanding is a correct analysis and judgment of the sound information made by the brain. Therefore, different hearing aid users have different brain responses and functions, and the same hearing aid will have different hearing aid effects.

For patients with sudden drop hearing loss

Because of the serious high-frequency hearing loss, and people’s speech intelligibility is closely related to high-frequency hearing, the current research found that there is still a problem of cochlear high-frequency dead zone, so wearing hearing aids can improve hearing, but still can not solve the problem of listening clearly and achieve the purpose of understanding and understanding speech. It is also a new attempt to use the frequency shift technology to achieve the audibility expansion. It can be seen that the same degree of deafness and the different nature of deafness are also important factors affecting the effect of hearing aids.

When you first wear hearing aids, you should have a reasonable expectation of hearing aids. Many people use them well. They have been using them for many years, but new people can’t wear hearing aids like normal people. Wearing hearing aids requires a process of adaptation and learning. It’s suggested that you start from a quiet environment and gradually adapt to the noisy and complex environment Step by step and persevere! It’s better to master the time of wearing each time from a few hours in the first day to a whole day; after a period of time, find a match examiner to adjust the insufficient parts, so that your hearing aid will become a good helper in your life just like other people.

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