The seven misunderstandings that hinder the hearing rehabilitation of the elderly are: < strong >

< strong > mistake 1: it is believed that poor hearing is caused by aging and normal phenomenon; < strong >

< strong > in fact: < / strong >

1. Hearing loss should be tested and diagnosed in time;

2. Reasonable selection of hearing aids and scientific matching, the earlier the hearing aids are worn, the better the effect;

3. If hearing intervention is not carried out for the elderly with hearing impairment, it will accelerate the degradation of hearing function and affect the quality of life in the long run.

< strong > mistake 2: wear hearing aids to avoid attracting attention; < / strong >

< strong > in fact: < / strong >

1. New technology has made hearing aids very hidden;

2. We can choose the ear canal hearing aid hidden in the ear canal;

3. You can also choose the ear back hearing aid hidden in your hair;

< strong > mistake 3: hearing aids, like noise amplifiers, are not only inaudible but also noisy

< strong > in fact: < / strong >

Now the hearing aid has been digitized, which can reduce the noise and prompt the speech intelligibility. However, it must be checked and debugged by the hearing aid tester to achieve the ideal effect.

< strong > mistake 4: a better hearing aid will cost thousands or even tens of thousands, and the price is a little hard to accept; < / strong >

< strong > in fact: < / strong >

Good hearing aids look expensive, but they have good sound quality and are fully automatic. The quality of life has improved, which is worth it.

< strong > mistake 5: even if I put on the hearing aid, I can’t get back to normal hearing; < / strong >

< strong > in fact: < / strong >

Hearing aids only help you to listen to the sound. No matter how expensive they are, they can’t achieve the effect of real ears. You should have proper expectations for hearing aids and adhere to the adaptive training of hearing aids. You will slowly accept this hearing aid device and find that it brings a lot of convenience to your life.

< strong > mistake 6: I’ll just wear one; < / strong >

< strong > in fact: < / strong >

Hearing aids for one or two ears may vary from person to person. The hearing of both ears is not good. You should wear hearing aids at the same time. Its advantage is that it can distinguish the direction of left and right sound sources, and its selective listening ability in noisy environment is higher than that of single ear fitting hearing aid. However, the blocking effect of wearing two ears is obvious, which makes people feel uncomfortable and needs a longer period of adaptation.

< strong > mistake 7: wearing hearing aids will make your hearing worse and worse; < / strong >

< strong > in fact: < / strong >

Without hearing aids, hearing is getting worse. Hearing aids can reduce the speed of hearing loss.

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