On October 10, 2020, the JINGHAO Medical Brand Strategy Upgrade and New Product Launch Conference was successfully held in Laidun Manor, Huizhou City. Guangdong Medical Device Industry Association, Drug Administration, Senior Citizenship Bureau (Huizhou), Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Internet Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou Leaders and experts from Zhongshan No. 1 Hospital and Huizhou No. 3 Hospital attended the conference and witnessed the grand meeting. At this conference, JINGHAO Medical released a new brand strategic positioning, brand slogan, brand video and strategic new products, opening a new era of Chinese national hearing aid brands.

New mission: independent creation and transformation, brand power is imperative

Speech by Wang Min, Founder and Chairman of JINGHAO

At the press conference, JINGHAO Medical’s founder and chairman Wang Min delivered a speech, comprehensively reviewing JINGHAO Medical’s struggle and development results in the past ten years, and described the importance of the company’s brand strategy upgrade.

Since its development in 2011, JINGHAO Medical has been advancing all the way, won the high-tech enterprise, the gazelle enterprise, and became the first Chinese hearing aid company listed on the New Third Board, with business in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Over the years, JINGHAO Medical has been vigorously developing its own research and development technology for hearing aids. It has more than 100 intellectual property rights, including appearance patents, utility model patents, copyrights, and invention patents. And it has established a mature quality system and obtained the “China, the United States and Europe” global professional standard certification, including IFA certification, European CE certification, SGS certification, BSCI certification, etc.

China’s creation is on the rise, and brand power is imperative. As a leading national hearing aid company, JINGHAO Medical has been actively promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In the critical period of independent innovation and development, JINGHAO Medical has decided to start a brand upgrade strategy and use practical actions to explore a more effective path for the development of national brands. , Helping China’s medical technology industry to take off.

New positioning: new strategic upgrade, focusing on the needs of Chinese

Cheng Pengfei, representative of the JINGHAO Medical Brand Strategic Cooperation Team, described the way to upgrade the JINGHAO Medical brand strategy at the press conference.

Mr. Cheng Pengfei talked about the way to upgrade JINGHAO Medical’s brand strategy

Relying on years of technical accumulation and understanding of the needs of Chinese people, JINGHAO Medical has launched a new brand positioning “hearing aids more suitable for Chinese communication”, applying the world-renowned technology for many years to the field of creating value for Chinese people, completely breaking It is difficult for the Chinese to buy satisfactory hearing aids. According to reports, the newly upgraded JINGHAO Medical will launch the “JINGHAO CLSE Product R&D Model” building plan, based on three Chinese language (C-language), Chinese scene (C-Scene), and Chinese ear canal (C-Ear). At the level, establish the “C80 Chinese capture and analysis system” that can accurately identify the sound domains of 80 Chinese dialects, and research and develop the “soundscape self-adjustment technology” that restores the sense of scene communication in China, and create a “zero pressure uniformity” that makes Chinese people wear more comfortable and soft. Lirong ear design” truly creates a hearing aid that is more suitable for Chinese communication. On the basis of the JINGHAO CLSE product development model, JINGHAO Medical has launched three product series based on Chinese consumption habits, including the flagship series representing the highest level of independent technology (JINGHAO Gong), and the high-quality mainstream performance series ( JINGHAO·Shang), the people-friendly series (JINGHAO·Yu) that meets the needs of popularization. Among them, the series names are all extracted from the tonal elements of the Chinese classical melody “gong, shang, angle, sign, and feather”, which perfectly interprets the style as a national hearing aid brand.

The newly upgraded JINGHAO Medical not only pays attention to the Chinese hearing loss group, but also conveys warmth to every Chinese family. A brand-new image film embodying the spirit of this brand also appeared on the scene. The film depicts the beautiful scene of three generations living together in subtle life, presenting JINGHAO Medical’s value concept of delivering happiness and warmth to Chinese families.

New product: product layout upgrade, new product debut

JINGHAO Medical R&D Director Wang Huadong introduces JINGHAO·Gong JH-W2 new product

JINGHAO Medical R&D Director Wang Huadong introduced at the conference the flagship new product JINGHAO·Gong JH-W2 launched after the brand new upgrade. According to reports, JH-W2 added Bluetooth 5.0 technology for the first time, allowing hearing-impaired people to listen to calls, music, and videos, completely solving the inconvenience of traditional hearing aids. And the body adopts a simple, stylish, compact and exquisite design, which can be comparable to well-known wireless Bluetooth headsets. At the same time, JH-W2 is equipped with DSP chip and Lou’s moving iron speaker, which can restore Chinese vocals more accurately and clearly. It is not difficult to see the efforts made by JINGHAO Medical at the level of scientific and technological research and development. Whether it is innovation in technology or design, JINGHAO·Gong JH-W2 is currently the top level in the field of national hearing aids. I believe that the time to be evenly matched with international imported brands is just around the corner. .

Under the brilliant immersive lighting, JINGHAO Medical sales representatives brought the new JINGHAO·Gong JH-W2 product to the show. The packaging and appearance of the product were displayed in public for the first time, and a round of eye-catching product catwalks made the audience feel thoroughly. The exquisite design of JINGHAO·Gong JH-W2 products also makes people full of confidence in the design level of national hearing aid products.


JINGHAO·Gong JH-W2 new product debut

New brand: the brand image is released, conveying the moving voice

JINGHAO Medical Brand Strategy officially launched

At the conference, the founder of JINGHAO Medical and special guests participated in the launching ceremony of the brand strategy upgrade, and officially launched a new brand slogan-“Sound Accompaniment”. According to reports, “Accompanied by Voice” is a brand proposition put forward by JINGHAO Medical after in-depth understanding of the physical and psychological needs of Chinese hearing loss groups. It not only represents the regaining of the hearing experience for people with hearing loss, but also delivers a warm call for happiness and companionship to every Chinese family, and promotes public welfare to the whole society.

Using technological innovation to serve users and to infect society with positive emotions is a new attempt and breakthrough in the entire industry, and it is also an aspect that every hearing aid company should focus on. I believe that under the leadership of JINGHAO Medical, more national brands can embark on the road of providing all-round services to the Chinese and jointly promote the development of the industry.

New thinking: Dialogue with big coffee salons to explore the future of the industry

Big coffee explores the future of the hearing aid industry

This conference is not only a grand event for brand strategy release, but also an exchange meeting on the development of hearing aids in China. In the salon forum session, JINGHAO Medical Founder/General Manager Wang Fang, with Mr. Yang Ming, Senior Vice President of Investment Banking Department of CITIC Construction Investment, Mr. Shao Wei, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Hongrui, Sinopharm Group, and Director of Hearing Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University Wang Xianren, Cheng Pengfei, General Manager of Hilkema Digital Marketing, and Xiong Zhihui, Associate Professor of National University of Defense Technology, discussed the “Road to Innovation and Change of Chinese Hearing Aid Brand”. It provides insights for the development of the hearing aid industry from the perspective of enterprise, capital, market, medicine, brand, and scientific research.

Branding and autonomy are the inevitable path for the future of the industry, but no company can go on completely independently. Any successful industry or brand needs to “gather the best of the crowd and follow the path.” Now JINGHAO Medical has taken a good example on this road. Based on its own technological advantages, and integrated and coordinated multiple beneficial resources, it has broadened the development dimension. As long as it continues firmly, I believe that the hearing aid industry has a promising future.

The successful conclusion of the conference means that the national hearing aid brand represented by JINGHAO Medical has begun to take a solid step towards self-reliance. The stars live up to the travellers, and the times live up to the changers. Every exploration will find unknown results, and every upgrade will bring new ideas to the industry. This is the meaning of an enterprise’s existence. This is not so much a brand-new upgrade, as it is to open up a new breakthrough path for China national hearing aids.