Many people don’t notice the phenomenon that some people have poor ears, but you don’t feel any obstacle to communicate with them. This phenomenon is real, but we can’t notice it. But with a little test, we can immediately determine if there is a problem with their ears.

The test is simple: go behind the patient and say a word and have them repeat what you said. If you can repeat what you say clearly, it means that the ears are OK; but if you can repeat what you say equivocally, it means that there may be a problem with the ears. This test is very simple, but it is really effective. There are elderly people in the family who can test it.

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Why can we hear and speak clearly since our ears are poor?

Adults generally have a good foundation of speech. Even if they don’t listen to the voice, they can guess what they say by observing the speaker’s mouth shape. But if you can’t see the speaker’s mouth shape and just listen by ear, people who have ear problems will be very hard.

In a large number of hearing patients, the vast majority of people’s hearing condition is in the moderate to severe level. They all have a common feature: speak louder to hear clearly. At this stage of patients, treatment options will be relatively narrow.

The purpose of this test method is to find out the hearing loss quickly in the early stage, and carry out targeted intervention treatment. Instead of waiting until the hearing is very poor, and we can see it at a glance, then we have missed the best time to intervene.

This detection method is very simple, but it can not get accurate test data, but also need to use test instruments for detection. If the test at home finds that there is indeed a problem with the ears, it is necessary to go to the hospital or hearing aid fitting center as early as possible for testing. These institutions can measure accurate hearing data through hearing equipment.

In our daily life, we should pay more attention to the communication with the elderly at home. For example, we can’t respond when we call through the door for a long time; the TV is loud; the phone ring can’t be heard These problems are actually easy to find.

Usually pay more attention to the elderly at home, if the elderly can’t hear, the quality of life will be greatly reduced, and the children will have to spend more energy on the hearing problems of the elderly. Early discovery, early intervention, early treatment, for the elderly, for children, everyone is good!

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