Considering whether a rehabilitation center is standardized and suitable for oneself or children, we can focus on the following aspects:

I. qualification

First of all, we should pay attention to whether the rehabilitation institutions are registered with the relevant departments of the local government (such as the provincial / municipal disabled persons’ Federation) to obtain legal qualification. According to their qualifications, rehabilitation centers are usually divided into state-run and private run. State run rehabilitation centers, such as China Research Center for the rehabilitation of deaf children (affiliated to the disabled persons’ Federation of China, institutions fully funded by the state), Beijing Rehabilitation Center for deaf children and provincial rehabilitation centers affiliated to the disabled persons’ Federation of all provinces, usually have superior institutional scale, teaching level and other conditions, and the number of places is also relatively tight. The number of private rehabilitation centers is large, there is a large choice, the average scale is relatively small, and the teaching level is uneven, but there are also excellent rehabilitation centers, because they can give children more attention and better care and rehabilitation effect.

In addition, the project of cochlear implant and rehabilitation training for hearing-impaired children organized and implemented by China Disabled Persons’ Federation has identified a number of fixed-point rehabilitation institutions to undertake the post-operative rehabilitation training tasks and follow-up guidance for the rehabilitation of the rescue objects. These fixed-point rehabilitation institutions are divided into national, provincial and grass-roots fixed-point rehabilitation institutions. Because of higher recognition standards, stricter supervision, and more guaranteed rehabilitation effect, they can also be used as a reference factor in selection.

II. Personnel

The staffing of a qualified rehabilitation center includes management personnel, first-line rehabilitation teachers, full-time or part-time audiology technicians, nurses, etc. the quality and experience of management personnel and rehabilitation teachers directly affect the teaching level.

1. Management personnel is the person in charge of the organization

(1) education, audiology or related industry background and working experience;

(2) the management level can be observed from the details such as conversation, on-site inspection, etc., such as publicity materials, management system, etc.

2. Rehabilitation teachers

(1) the education background of rehabilitation teachers (above secondary school), major (preferably special education, preschool education, etc.), whether they have received the hearing speech rehabilitation business system training (such as AVT), working experience, and whether they have teacher qualification certificate, etc;

(2) ratio of teachers and students A reasonable ratio of teachers and students can ensure that children get the attention and education they should, so as to achieve good rehabilitation results. The ratio of teachers and students in full-time rehabilitation institutions should not be less than 1:6 (that is, the number of rehabilitation teachers should not be less than 2 if there are 12 children), and the ratio of teachers and students in boarding rehabilitation institutions should not be less than 1:5.

3. Audiology technicians

Number of full-time / part-time audiology technicians (at least one), education background (college degree or above), working experience (at least one year) responsible for hearing test and assessment of hearing impaired children in the organization

4. The proportion of rehabilitation professionals (i.e. the sum of rehabilitation teachers and audiology technicians) in the total number of employees should not be less than 70% of the total number of employees.

III. teaching mode and characteristics

Whether it can provide family guidance, institutional training, appointment training and other rehabilitation approaches for the implant to carry out postoperative hearing and speech training to ensure the rehabilitation effect. In addition, if there are parent training, preoperative evaluation, file building and other business capabilities.

The rehabilitation model can be roughly divided into three types: family rehabilitation, institutional rehabilitation, and Institutional Guidance of family rehabilitation. Before choosing a rehabilitation center, parents can first determine the appropriate rehabilitation mode according to the actual situation of their children and families. If the parents’ energy is limited to institutional rehabilitation, they can focus on the details related to institutional training, such as teachers, teaching mode, class arrangement, teaching environment and facilities, care level, etc. If family rehabilitation is the main way, it is necessary to understand the details of family guidance, parent training and hearing assessment level.

IV. teaching environment and facilities

There must be a listening room (at least one room), a single training room (at least one room for every six children, an activity room, a play room, a health care room), and a dormitory, an isolation room, a bathroom, a laundry room, a kitchen, a duty room for teachers and workers, etc. in the boarding rehabilitation institution.

Rehabilitation institutions for hearing impaired children shall be equipped with relevant equipment for rehabilitation of hearing impaired children:

(1) a pure tone audiometer and a portable hearing aid effect evaluator

(2) related equipment for hearing speech, learning ability and intelligence of hearing-impaired children

(3) each class has sound toys calibrated by audiometry

(4) each class shall be equipped with necessary books for hearing and language rehabilitation

In addition, necessary play and sports facilities, suitable for children’s characteristics, such as tables and chairs, toy racks, toilet and sanitary appliances, as well as necessary teaching aids, toys, books and musical instruments, shall be equipped. Boarding rehabilitation institutions shall be equipped with single beds for children.

V. region

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