Compared with the past, modern medical technology is quite developed. Therefore, when we have any problems or uncomfortable feelings, we will go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Of course, there are problems in our ears and hearing. Generally speaking, we will go to the hospital for examination at the first time.

If the hearing loss is more than 35 decibels after hearing test, the doctor will generally advise you to wear hearing aids. Why do I say not to go to the hospital to install hearing aids?

Generally, hospitals prefer the clinical area. Hearing aids belong to medical devices. It is not allowed to sell medical devices in hospitals. Secondly, hearing aids can only be worn after matching. The matching of hearing aids requires high professional requirements, not that you can understand some audiology, but also that you need to understand hearing aids. You need to be clear about each one Model, performance and composition of hearing aids, etc.

Before purchasing hearing aids, our hearing loss patients need to carry out hearing test, sound field assessment and other hearing related tests. If they wear hearing aids without examination, not only the hearing aid effect after wearing will not be ideal, but also further hearing loss may be caused.

But some people will say, didn’t you say that the hospital is not allowed to sell hearing aids before, but I saw someone selling hearing aids over there when I checked last time. Why?

I don’t lie to you. Hospitals don’t allow to sell medical devices. Those who sell hearing aids in hospitals are actually third parties. They are actually distributors of hearing aids. These people are more inclined to sell. They can’t say nothing about hearing aid knowledge and audiology knowledge, but they are not so professional.

Secondly, the after-sales service of hearing aids is very important. The professional hearing aid fitting center can definitely guarantee the after-sales service and maintenance, but these dealers in the hospital, I can’t guarantee it. What’s more, they are not professional trained personnel, and the professional level of hearing aids is not very good. When there are some problems with hearing aids There is no way to start, so we can only return to the factory for maintenance. Generally, it takes 7-10 days to return to the factory for maintenance, which is not convenient for patients. And the fitting center will only return to the factory when the hearing aid parts are damaged or damaged.

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