since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the motherland began to fight against the outbreak of the resistance war, the north of the south of the smoke, in the silent drum beat.The designated hospitals for the treatment of epidemic patients all over the country became the main battlefield for the white angels to compete with the virus, among which we saw the hurried pace of western medicine and witnessed the busy figure of traditional Chinese medicine

In the medical field, there is a controversy over the superiority of western medicine and Chinese medicine.It is said that the dispute between righteousness and spirit is not only from the perspective of onlookers, but also from the realistic consideration of “two flowers open each branch, co-existing their own world”.In the face of a severe epidemic, this kind of fight is resolved in the fusion of common enemy, its effect is clear, its feeling can comfort

Late February 14, in hubei province new pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work headquarters held a news conference, 24 of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine medical treatment expert group leader huang lq is introduced, the current region of hubei province confirmed cases, the participation of more than 75% of Chinese medicine, and other areas are more than 90%, among them the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine by the country of confirmed and suspected patients admitted in the medical team of 248 people, symptoms improved, 159, 51 discharged from the hospital, turn out of 22 (meet discharge standards to buffer ward patients)

Huang also stressed that, according to clinical observation, through the stratified intervention of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, the symptoms of mild cases such as dry pharynx and chest tightness disappeared faster, the treatment cycle of severe cases was shortened, and the discharged patients were delivered traditional Chinese medicine granules for consolidation treatment, the symptoms were significantly reduced, the improvement rate was up to 70%, and the patients were satisfied with the return visit

Professor zhang zhongde, vice President of guangdong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and captain of the second national medical team of traditional Chinese medicine, analyzed the practical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in the cooperative operation from a professional perspective.He said that TCM USES decoction, traditional Chinese medicine, injections, acupuncture, baduanjin and other “combination methods” for comprehensive treatment, effectively preventing the conversion of severe diseases to critical conditions, for the rescue of critical patients set a good platform, to buy time;Western medicine, on the other hand, USES a variety of methods to give patients life support and control complications.Zhang Zhongde said..

The traditional Chinese medicine born in China is inherited from the Chinese civilization, and its time-honored art and social practice are extensive and profound. It is not too much to say that it is the crystallization of human wisdom.”Apricot forest spring warm bath lonely, yellow leaves fu shufu nurture flowers”, Chinese medicine to dispel evil, Yin and Yang mixed with the concept of dialectical treatment has protected the generations of the descendants of the yellow reproduction and development, which medical pharmacology and curative effect, even if the increasingly developed modern society, is still a subject of constant exploration.

Western medicine, which has developed from traditional medicine, has gone hand in hand with the progress of science and technology. Various therapeutic and diagnostic instruments, tools, drugs, theories and technical means have become increasingly abundant.It is true that the pace of human exploration into the unknown world will not stop, and the process of selecting the advantages and disadvantages of western medicine will not stop, just like that of traditional Chinese medicine.

In his novels, the martial arts novelist liang yusheng created a martial arts stunt called “the combination of two swords”, which refers to the tacit cooperation of two sharp swords in jianshu and jianshi, so as to greatly improve the fighting force and invincible.It is also of practical significance to apply this metaphor to the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine.Practice is the only criterion to test the truth, not to mention the numerous medical examples of the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine in the past decades, in the fight against the virus, search the Internet, the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine to defeat the enemy reports everywhere.It is not difficult to find that all the areas and patients with better treatment results show the close integration of “double sword” of Chinese and western medicine.

The meeting of the central leading group on dealing with the new epidemic of coronary pneumonia held on February 13 pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the exploration and promotion of drugs and treatment methods that can help block the transition from mild to severe cases, strengthen the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, promote the deep involvement of traditional Chinese medicine in the whole process of diagnosis and treatment, and timely promote effective prescriptions and Chinese medicines.Accelerate the clinical trials of drugs, effectively to the treatment of the first line of delivery, improve the cure rate, reduce the rate of disease death.

This is a kind of encouragement, but also a kind of hope