Can you wear a hearing aid under drizzle?

The earphones are ear-back and in-ear. If you are wearing a “ear-back” type of hearing aid that is hung behind your ear, please use an umbrella, or take it off properly. The hearing aid should not be rainy. Although many brands of hearing aids now have a certain level of waterproofing, it is not recommended to wear rain when it rains. If you are wearing an “in-ear” hearing aid, you don’t need to take it down, you can wear it normally, but after taking it off at night, it should be dry and maintained. Because the air humidity is too high, the machine is easily affected by moisture.


What you are saying is that there is no umbrella. If it is a custom-made ear machine, the drizzle is better. The ear-back hearing aid is best taken off because the hearing aid is afraid of the tide. In order to reduce the failure of hearing aids due to moisture, the dustproof and waterproof level of Siemens in Germany isIP68IP67The Danish Resound hearing aid is made of nano-coating dustproof and waterproof. In addition to moisture, hearing aids should also pay attention to shock, drop, sputum (deafness) blockage, anti-sweat and so on. When the user is in normal use, he or she can take off the hearing aid before washing, and regularly repair the hearing aid at the fitting center. In general, he can also use the special dehumidifier and dust removal tool for hearing aids.

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