Expectations Before Hearing Aids are Considered

  • Hearing aids cannot restore your hearing or your communication to “normal” as glasses can restore your vision to 20/20.
  • It is important that you understand that you will not experience the same benefits from hearing aids that your neighbor does. Hearing loss is individual and how a patient performs with hearing aids depends on the hearing loss, the instruments used, as well as the expectations and motivation of the patient.
  • There is not one perfect style or manufacturer of hearing aids; not all hearing aids perform the same for all hearing losses.
  • Expect the adjustment to hearing aids to take time. It takes patience and time to adjust and become comfortable with amplified sound.
  • Hearing aids operate with batteries. The batteries are zinc-air and will need to be replaced anywhere from 3 to 14 days depending on various factors such as battery size, hearing aid circuit and power, the environment, and accessories.
  • Patients are often concerned that using hearing aids will cause additional hearing loss. Properly adjusted hearing aids should never make sound loud enough to hurt your ears.