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JH-129 BTE FM Bluetooth Earphone Appearance Hearing Aid / Hearing Amplifier

Amplifier with high tone acuity
Bluetooth shape , fashion design
Compact, lightweight and discreet
Volume control
3 different sizes earplug

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Improve your quality of life

Ear Zoom is a personal, compact, discreet and simple sound processor which offers a high-quality sound to your hearing. Thanks to its integrated multi-directional microphone which is equipped with the most advanced micro-electronics, it receives sound waves to a distance of 30 meters and amplifies up to 60 decibels. Thus, you can continue discussions from a distance and hear even the slightest whisper with great clarity. You will even be able to hear a pin drop!

Comfortable and discreet

Flexible, customizable and easy to handle, it has a volume control that allows you to adjust the intensity of the sound to suit your needs. It will not be necessary to turn up the volume on your TV so loud that you annoy others with it. You will be able to watch TV while your partner is sleeping calmly, and no matter which room in your house you are in. You don’t have to worry anymore about your hearing situation.

Listen to everything that happens around you

Do not miss a single conversation or any remark that could be made near you. Say goodbye to the uncomfortable situations where you had to strain to hear what was being said to you. Ear Zoom is perfect not only for those people who have limited hearing but also for those listening to conversations at large distances, as in conferences, theater and festivals.


1. Ear zoom Bluetooth headphone appearance makes comfortable wear and fashionable look;
2. Corresponding uncomfortable threshold properly adjust the maximum output, protect ear;
3. JH-129 bluetooth style ear zoom has an attractive design, compact size and an ultra-modern design. The latex earphones come in 3 different sizes that can be adapted to all ears.
4. Obviously button, easy to operate;
5. Frequency is adjustable (NH control), the user can adjust the frequency for the different situation;
6. Ear zoom ear hook, which can fit for different person’s ear in seconds;
7. Power light design, people will think the machine you wear is a Bluetooth earphone, not a hearing amplifier.

Package Included

1 Bluetooth hearing aid
3 Ear tips
1 TV package box
1 Manual book
4 AG13 Battery


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